We are an UK based company offering the following services:

  • Fund raising, financial and Internationalization services, public and private bid selecting and submitting project proposal;
  • Business Develeopment advisoring services for Information and Technology, Energy, Environment and Industrial infrastructure ;
  • Market and Business discovering and selection;
  • IT services: supporting our customers to find the most enhanced technical solution, providing services to manage projects, integrating the emerging platforms, managing the business processes.

Sectors:  Fintech, ICT, industrial and commercial business, infrastrucures, communication, transport, waste, environment and health, commodities

Our mission

Every of us needs a support, always will be a moment in life that we need to explore our trouble and find a solution. Sometimes the solution is close to you but you are blind because of trouble pushing.

Our team will clean the vision of your trouble an together will solve it.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

Take your time, chose the right partner and you will fix any troubles!


About us

Katabit is a network of consultant wit +25 years of experience as company advisor, fund raising, M&A, commodities.

We help manager to overcome most of obstacles, barriers, facilitating the problem solving.

Our clients seek out our advisory service because we listen to you and get a full understanding of your troubles, needs, knowledge, experience. Our team comes from different sectors and experience.

We are able to create a team for you around the world. to find  solutions that will help your business take off.


Katabit ltd

42 Chase Side Middlesex Enfield EN2 6NF


mailto: info@katabit.com